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The Seasons

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With each season comes a different view of the Ozarks. We have four seasons with short winters. Spring comes early in the Ozarks. By mid February you can see signs of increased fishing action as the white bass runs begin. Then, the trees bud out and the grounds turn green. March brings out the flowering trees. By April the gardens are being planted, the dogwood tress bloom (signaling the best crappie fishing) and the boating season begins. The lake water is starting to warm up and some brave souls have already taken the plunge into the lake!

By Memorial Day we have all been in the water and summer is in full swing. Now till October it is prime vacation time.

Autumn brings relief from the summer heat with cooler nights. Pleasant days of fishing are enhanced by the colorful shoreline. Our short winter season is a nice change of seasons. The lake does not freeze so we keep fishing (the big boys are caught in the winter!). We may get a snowfall or a cold snap but they are short lived. Hiking the hills in winter is breathtaking!

Whatever season you chose to visit the Biltmore Resort you will enjoy the unpretentious beauty of the Ozarks. There is something for everyone here at all times of the year.

Above are some pictures of our Ozarks in different seasons. Please take a few minutes to look at them and we hope this allows you to choose the best seasons for you to visit us.


Bull Shoals Lake Area
Average monthly temperature for the past ten years.
         HIGH   LOW
Jan.       50   28
Feb.       55   30
Mar.       60   37
Apr.       72   47
May        78   53
Jun.       88   63
Jul.       91   76
Aug.       91   60
Sept.      85   56
Oct.       76   46
Nov.       60   35
Dec.       52   29